12th September 2018

Is it time you started your own recruitment agency?


Most of us have dreamed of starting our own business at some point. According to OECD statistics, 50% of people want to be their own boss, but turning those thoughts into reality is a major step.
If you’re working as a recruiter but are contemplating starting your own recruitment agency, over the next few months ETZ will be launching a brand-new blog series providing expert guidance to help you get on your feet.
And every new business venture begins with a leap of faith – so let’s start by looking at some of the signs you could be ready to start your own recruitment agency…

You’re not learning anything new

While it’s good to be at the top of your game, if your current job isn’t teaching you new skills, then you’re not being pushed to your full potential.
When you’re scaling the career ladder, you can counteract boredom by joining a different company that offers new opportunities. However, there may come a point where you feel no other recruitment agency can provide you with the learning curve you crave.
This is a great reason to become your own boss and launch a recruitment start-up; you’ll have the challenge of gathering business knowledge and building client relationships, and as your agency grows you’ll be able to teach your skills to new staff.

You’ve got a passion you can’t currently explore

Whether you enjoy working in a certain sector, or you want to invest in young talent, good recruiters tend to have a passion project. Trouble is, it’s not always possible to explore this passion when you’re adhering to someone else’s business strategy.
Many recruiters choose to launch their own agency because they want to specialise in something that they can’t do in their current role. This drive and vision is a fantastic reason to start your own business, because it gives you an immediate USP and fills a gap in the recruitment market.

You can see a better way of doing things – but nobody’s listening

The more senior you are within an agency, the more adept you will become at spotting inefficiencies across the business – whether it’s in your client relationships or your recruitment back-office. The unfortunate reality, however, is that not all bosses are willing to listen to your solutions.
The only way to truly run a recruitment agency your way is to launch your own company. Instead of putting your energy into fighting losing battles with other people, you can develop an original business strategy using your skills and knowledge, to stand the best possible chance of thriving in a competitive market.

People are telling you to launch your own business

Sometimes it’s hard to see our own strengths objectively, compared to the way in which you rate the abilities of others. Therefore you may find that your colleagues, friends and family recognise it’s time to go solo, before you do.
Listen to their words and consider their opinions. Although it’s important to trust your own judgement, the best entrepreneurs are always learning from those around them. Who knows, taking their advice and starting your own recruitment agency might turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever done.

You’re hard working and self-motivated

However great your business concept, there is no substitute for hard work. Therefore, your attitude will play a big factor in whether you’re ready to launch your own agency.
If you’re self-motivated, dedicated, and willing to put in some serious graft to get your company off the ground, then you have the right approach to become an agency founder – rather than in the employment of someone else.
Check back over the next few weeks for more blog posts on starting your own recruitment agency. Or, if you’re ready to go solo now, schedule a demo of our Startup 20/20 back-office software for recruitment start-ups.

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