Take reporting to the next level and uncover a whole lot more

Caspian boosts the ability of your agency to identify opportunities that would otherwise be missed. Combine data that you wouldn’t normally be able to without a lot of effort, within a single report. In a world defined and driven by data, it’s a powerful source of competitive advantage.

Add Big Data to your RecTech stack

The advantages of Big Data technology for recruitment businesses of all sizes, global or local. The benefits of advanced data techniques made simple for recruiters. Leverage all your software investments to obtain greater value.

Powerful standard and custom reports

Caspian provides a dashboard of KPIs at a glance, including figures for timesheet summary data and Gross Margin for each candidate. Build revealing custom reports by bringing together data sets from across agency operations.

Drive better decision-making

Experience and instinct are important elements in decision making. Take a more scientific approach and make better decisions by supporting instinct-led decision making with empirical evidence in the shape of data

Standard reports included in ETZ

Assignment Summary

Billing Reconciliation

Consultant Commission

Consultant Commission – Beta

Forecast Revenue

Gross Margin

Invoice & Payment Summary

Invoice & Payment Summary Detailed

Invoice Summary by Batches

Outstanding Timesheet Values

Purchase Invoice Day Book

Purchase Invoice Summary by Batches

Purchase Order Summary

Sales Invoice Day Book

Split Margin

Timesheet Chaser

Timesheet Hours

Timesheet Hours Detailed

Worker Volume & Timesheet History

All time and real time information

All time and real time information

Get the historical context to help you make sense of real time data about what’s happening now. Analyse all the data you have amassed and use it to inform your understanding of the data you are currently collecting. Finally realise some value from the investment you have made in collecting recruitment data for years.

Leverage technology for greater value

Leverage technology for greater value

Technology is a friend that is naturally better at the things that we are not. Humans just aren’t built for performing repetitive data analysis tasks with unerring accuracy. Avoid the cost and delay of manual data analysis projects and the need for expert level Excel Skills! Caspian is a technology that is there to be leveraged.

Increasing the value of your people

Increasing the value of your people

Get more value from your agency team by identifying areas where processes can be made more efficient and optimised. Leave the heavy lifting to RecTech using automation and machine learning technology. Free up your agency team to focus on the things at which humans excel and where they deliver more value.

What our customers say about ETZ

“ETZ helps save a lot of admin time, and it enables me to focus on other responsibilities. The time saved allows more focus on tasks that help generate revenue. I couldn’t recommend ETZ highly enough.”
Jag Manku Venari
“ETZ helps us to deliver the high standard of service we pride ourselves on by effectively linking all our key business areas together, from documentation compliance and timesheet management, to invoicing and payment processing.”
Andrew Papadopoulos Cognitive Group
“ETZ has made our work very efficient. From the candidate onboarding process, to invoicing clients once work has been completed, we use ETZ as a solution to raise invoices for both contractor and permanent placements.”
Joana Fedosenko Burns Sheehan

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