Online invoicing has never been easier

Searching for the best invoicing software for your recruitment agency? You’ve found it. Switch to our automated invoicing software and avoid the challenges of paper-based invoicing systems. ETZ’s invoice management system is built from the ground up especially for recruitment agencies.

Easily create an invoice from a timesheet

Use the data from your timesheets to create an invoice. Our invoice automation can save your agency valuable time and resources. You can automate your whole process if you desire – timesheet to invoice in 60 seconds.

Create one invoice or a thousand at the click of a button

Email accurately calculated invoices straight to your client with attached copies of signed timesheets, fully integrated with accounting systems.

Multi-currency ready

Timesheets hours can be billed in any currency making it perfect for international recruitment operations.

Get paid quicker

Get timesheets quicker, send invoices quicker, chase overdue invoices and ultimately get paid quicker and speed up cash flow.

Let ETZ take care of your invoice automation

Let ETZ take care of your invoice automation

Invoices with copies of signed timesheets attached can be automatically generated and sent via email to your client. Forget inputting numbers to invoices, printing them, stapling them to timesheets and posting them out.

ETZ’s invoice management software does this with a click of a button.

Integrate seamlessly with your recruitment agency payroll

Integrate seamlessly with your recruitment agency payroll

Payroll data is easily exported to ETZ Payroll or your payroll management system and the invoice data to your sales ledger. It even creates and sends a self-bill invoice for contractor company payments.

This process can speed up cash flow collection by days, if not weeks.

What our customers say about ETZ

“ETZ helps us to deliver the high standard of service we pride ourselves on by effectively linking all our key business areas together, from documentation compliance and timesheet management, to invoicing and payment processing.”
Andrew Papadopoulos Cognitive Group
“ETZ demonstrated a perfect understanding of Ampersand’s needs. ETZ fully integrates with the systems that Ampersand already has in place without competing or conflicting. It proved competitive on price and was quick to set up.”
Leah Towers Ampersand
"Overall ETZ improves my ability to focus on our key business needs. The real value of working with ETZ can best be summed up as saving time, better efficiency, and improved accuracy."
Vishal Gandhi Intuition IT

Customise Your Invoice Templates

Customise Your Invoice Templates

Create personalised invoices for your agency. Add branding and customisation to your invoices depending on your requirements. Each invoice can be set to the requirements of your candidates and clients. Whether you need to invoice daily or monthly, ETZ helps you to streamline your invoicing process.

Invoicing software that works from anywhere

Invoicing software that works from anywhere

Online timesheets can be submitted by candidates and transformed into invoices on any device, from anywhere in the world. Our invoice management software is cloud-hosted and 100% secure, with an efficient and user-friendly solution for recording candidate time, processing payments, and invoicing clients. Online invoicing has never been so easy!

Connections to strengthen your solution

Connections to strengthen your solution

ETZ partners with many industry-leading software solutions that fully integrate with our invoice management system. Whether you need to integrate with your existing payroll management system or accounting software, we have the integrations to make sure your ETZ invoicing software works seamlessly with your existing setup.

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Invoicing Software FAQs

What is ETZ Invoices?
ETZ Invoices is invoicing software designed with recruitment agencies in mind. By seamlessly working with your timesheet software and automating your invoicing processes, ETZ Invoices can save your team hours of manual work. Our invoice management system is available as part of ETZ’s full stack of recruitment agency software.


Do I need invoice management software?
If you want to significantly reduce the time spent on manually creating, managing and sending invoices then recruitment invoicing software would be a great option for you!

We’ve helped our customers to refine and streamline their invoicing processes, freeing up their team’s time and allowing them to focus on business growth. Online invoicing has never been so easy!


Why chose ETZ for our recruitment invoicing software?
At ETZ we understand the pains of the recruitment industry – manual, long winded, labour intensive and inaccurate processes. That’s why we’re committed to helping recruitment agencies level up with a complete invoicing solution.

As specialists in invoicing software for recruitment, our innovative solution allows you to take back your time and your resources, focusing on what matters most. By choosing us you can say “goodbye” to time consuming manual invoicing and “hello” to a fully integrated, fully automated invoice management system.

To learn more about how our invoice management software can transform your agency, book an online demo with us today.


Does your recruitment invoicing software include invoice automation?
Yes, ETZ Invoices offers invoice automation. Your whole invoicing process can be automated in as little as 60 seconds!


Can we track opened invoices?
Yes, with our online invoicing if your invoice has been sent via a downloadable link you can track whether it has been opened.


Can we chase overdue invoices?
Yes, you can chase overdue invoices automatically with a text and/or email.

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