3 Simple Steps To Stay Compliant

3 Simple Steps To Stay Compliant

  1. Candidate online profile Candidates enter their own information using online forms on any device
  2. Create custom document packs To meet all your business requirements: contracts, legal, support material. In-built mail-merge
  3. Stay compliant Reduce compliance risk with expiring document reports

Onboarding software that boosts your performance

ETZ Comply is our recruitment onboarding software. Designed from the ground up specifically for recruitment agencies, it eliminates long and tiresome candidate onboarding processes. Say goodbye to manual processes whilst saving time and money with our simple and easy-to-use onboarding and compliance solution. Discover some of the benefits of ETZ Comply below.

Candidate Compliance Documents

Easily capture candidate compliance documents such as Passports, Working Visas, Driving Licenses & more.


Use ETZSign for candidate contracts; auto-sign a number of contracts in a few clicks.

Quick Access

Quickly see which candidates have not uploaded their compliance documents.

HMRC Ready Data

Gather data required for HMRC reports easily.

Send Documents

Send important documents to candidates.

Save Time

Save time instead of using manual emails.

Manage your candidates’ documents all in one place

Manage your candidates’ documents all in one place

With our easy-to-use recruitment onboarding software it’s simple to collect and manage your candidates’ compliance documents. Create, sign, store, access, share, and delete candidate files in one secure place, accessible on any device and available wherever you are. From passports, working visas, driving licences and more. With our onboarding software you can set your own rules to ensure compliance in line with local demands across the world.

Approve timesheets in an instance with digital signing software

Approve timesheets in an instance with digital signing software

With our online signing software, ETZSign it’s easier than ever to approve timesheets in a matter of clicks. Email alerts with secure links prompt clients that timesheets need to be approved. Provide encrypted links allowing access and approval within a few clicks, even without a username and password. Our online signing software is compliant with data regulations across the world.

HMRC reports made easy

HMRC reports made easy

ETZ Comply makes gathering data required for candidate and agency HMRC reports quick and easy. All required documents can be collected and managed online via our recruitment onboarding software, ready for all HMRC reports. Take the complexity & hassle out of gathering this data.

Onboarding Software Features


Ability to e-sign any document.

Ease of Access

All documents housed in one place for ease of access.

Mobile Uploads

Candidates can upload documentation direct from their mobile device.


Send reminders to complete required documents.

Easy Reports

Easily report on expiring documents.

Accurate Contract Creation

Use mail merge fields in your own docs for accurate contract creation.

Timesheet Control

Ability to disable timesheet entry until candidate actions complete.

Unlimited Storage

Limitless cloud storage included.

Custom Document Packs

Manage custom document packs.


Get reports on document status.

Document Approval

Approval for candidate submitted documents.

Want to know more about our recruitment onboarding software?

Want to know more about our recruitment onboarding software?

Speak to one of our friendly experts who will be happy to listen to your specific business needs, show you our onboarding software and answer any questions you may have.

ETZ Comply can be enabled within hours. In order to utilise ETZ Comply, you will require a live instance of ETZ.

What our customers say about ETZ

“ETZ helps us to deliver the high standard of service we pride ourselves on by effectively linking all our key business areas together, from documentation compliance and timesheet management, to invoicing and payment processing.”
Andrew Papadopoulos Cognitive Group
“ETZ has made our work very efficient. From the candidate onboarding process, to invoicing clients once work has been completed, we use ETZ as a solution to raise invoices for both contractor and permanent placements.”
Joana Fedosenko Burns Sheehan
“ETZ helps save a lot of admin time, and it enables me to focus on other responsibilities. The time saved allows more focus on tasks that help generate revenue. I couldn’t recommend ETZ highly enough.”
Jag Manku Venari

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Onboarding Software FAQs

What is ETZ Comply?
ETZ Comply is recruitment onboarding software that has been designed specifically for recruitment agencies to help manage their candidate onboarding processes. From managing your candidates’ compliance documents to approving and signing online timesheets, our complete onboarding software is here to save your agency time and money by eliminating manual processes.

Our recruitment onboarding software is available as part of ETZ’s full stack of recruitment agency software.


Does my recruitment agency need recruitment onboarding software?
Are you sick of manually managing your candidates documents? Tired of the complexity of gathering data for HMRC reports? If so then onboarding software could definitely help to improve your agency’s onboarding process.

We’ve helped our customers to stay compliant and simplify their onboarding process, freeing up their team’s time and allowing them to focus on growing their recruitment agency.


Does your onboarding software keep our data secure?
Yes, all data is hosted from a secure cloud infrastructure in an ISO 27001 data centre which is GDPR compliant.


Can we build customised onboarding workflows with ETZ Comply?
Yes, our onboarding software allows you to customise the onboarding processes to match your recruitment agency’s workflow and requirements. Rules can also be set to manage compliance in line with local demands across the world.

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