25th May 2022

Your agency’s data and the bigger picture of Digital Transformation

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A project you might not have noticed!

Without perhaps even realising it, you may have been undertaking a major modernisation project within your recruitment business. Over the last few years, Digital Transformation has been a bit of a trend. But what is Digital Transformation though?

At a basic level, it is quite simply the digitalisation of every area of your agency’s business. That is, moving over to systems and eliminating paper-based processes and manual tasks. Information of all types is held in a digital format and, wherever possible, the need for human intervention to process or manage the data has been eliminated.

That’s right – data!

At a higher level, true Digital Transformation is taking that data and using it to power your business in a more intelligent way.

Responding to business drivers including compliance, such as GDPR, the need to find greater efficiency, and developing competitive advantage, means that without actually consciously following a Digital Transformation plan, many businesses have been engaged in processes that are part of a Digital Transformation strategy,

There are a number of facets to Digital Transformation. This article from ING is great for finding out more. However, here we will focus on the higher level of Digital Transformation – using data to power your business in a more intelligent way.

Limitations of APIs and spreadsheet exports

The reporting tools attached to the various applications that you have adopted in recent years tend to reside in silos, that is they keep data in separate containers and create reports in isolation.

Although many provide APIs and other methods of sharing data, this capability is somewhat limited in the scope of what it can tell you. You need to consciously choose what you want to report on.

For example, you need to pick statistic X from app A and statistic Y from app B beforehand. The same applies when you export to spreadsheets and perform a laborious manual analysis. So, using these approaches you pretty much need to consciously know what you’re looking for.

Caspian: Business Intelligence built for recruiters

Now supposing there was a better way… A way where you can simply feed all your data into a system and then let it tell you what it finds?

Caspian is the business intelligence platform from ETZ designed specifically for the recruitment industry. Caspian exploits advanced data manipulation techniques. This includes taking data in any format to create a data lake and data warehouse.

In essence, the software crunches vast amounts of data to identify patterns. Part of this also includes being able to take discrete data sets from different applications and bring them together to unlock meaning through statistical analysis, or analytics. Essentially feeding in all the data from your recruitment business lets Caspian identify patterns, trends and correlations.

In short, with Caspian it means there is so much more that can be achieved with the information that you have.

The benefits of the advanced reporting and analytics that this makes available to you reach far beyond simply extracting intelligence from across your agency operations.

Taking Digital Transformation to the next level with Caspian and ETZ

Caspian provides these higher level benefits from Digital Transformation:

ETZ is the RecTech partner of choice, helping agencies to navigate the pitfalls and obtain excellent value from technology. To find out more about unleashing the potential of your agency data with Caspian, call us on 0800 311 2266 or book a demo.

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