21st December 2017

Wish list: Capabilities of your recruitment back office in 2018


3 Christmas and New Year wishes

Over the course of the Christmas and New Year break, we frequently get some time to catch up on some tasks that may have fallen through the cracks. A few quiet days in between Yuletide and the turning of the year may offer the chance to do some housekeeping, planning or both.
It might be an audit or a systems upgrade. For some it might be setting out a Wish list for the coming 12 months. It’s a certainty everyone might wish to see new business wins and for their recruitment businesses to generally flourish, grow and prosper. But besides this overarching desire, a Wish list might include more specific actions and goals that are intended to support growth and profitability.
If you had 3 wishes this Christmas and New Year, how might you want to improve the capabilities of the recruitment agency back office in 2018? Here’s three you might want to include:

1. Aim to make use of automation to reduce paper

Manual, paper-based processes create drag. They slow up the tempo of business and are a bore to those whose time could be spent more constructively.
A good way to support increased profitability is to reduce time-consuming manual processes which are inefficient and prone to errors. Today’s ‘smart’ software automates paper-based processes and eliminates much of the need for printing and hand processing forms, such as timesheets.

2. Set a goal of creating a digital back office workflow

A digital workflow extends the idea of reducing paper and using automation to improve efficiency.
A digital workflow, that sees electronic timesheets completed and processed onscreen and that produces an email-friendly PDF invoice, not only simplifies the agency back office workflow; it also dovetails with automated payment systems in use by many accounts payable departments, accelerating payment processes and cash flow.

3. Consider the use of online back office recruitment software

Many manual back office processes revolve around software applications, such as Excel, installed on office computers, laptops and tablets.
Cloud computing, using online applications, is more cost effective and the safeguards around physical and electronic security are superior to that found in many conventional office environments under the administration of in-house IT staff.
Electronic timesheets are more easily completed by agency workers and clients, they don’t get lost, and automated processing is overseen by your agency team. 24/7 access means even when transport is disrupted or your office is out of bounds, because of a security lockdown for example, your back office processes just carry on as normal.

Eliminate timesheet fraud and transform back office efficiency with ETZ

ETZ’s recruitment back office integration and solutions transform back office efficiency and overall profitability. Replacing paper-based processes with automation and setting up a digital workflow in the cloud with ETZ reduces the costs of timesheet processing by up to 85%.
If you want to know more about how we help agencies like yours to transform efficiency, just get in touch.
How was your year? See how ours went with the ‘ETZ end of year review from Executive Chairman – Nick Woodward’.

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