4th April 2022

How far can the Information Age take your recruitment business?


Advanced as it seems RecTech is still a work in progress

The succession of the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age measured the progress of human technological capability and achievement up until the late 18th century. Following on from these, two further industrial revolutions, the Steam Age and the Electric Age bring us up to where we are now, the Information Age.

Ultimately, the human desire for quest and discovery has been the driver that has pushed civilization forward, and the Information Age has seen us walk on new worlds, send robot explorers deep into the solar system and out into interstellar space, and see back across the Universe to detect the echo of where time began, the Big Bang.

When we consider what we have achieved with digital computer technology, it might seem that we are at the limit of what the Information Age can achieve. However, it might be quite surprising that when it comes to more Earthly endeavours, such as using technology in the recruitment industry, recruitment technology (RecTech) is still a Work in Progress and it is probably only just getting started!

So much more recruiters can achieve with information

Today’s recruitment businesses are dependent on technology, and the success of an agency is hugely influenced by how effectively software and computing devices are used.

The previous wave of RecTech was about automation and reducing the need for manual processes and human intervention. The wave that is currently breaking expands the capability of RecTech by using machine learning (ML). It seems to have set its sights on artificial intelligence (AI) as the ultimate goal, but it remains to be seen whether that is ever realised.

Progressive RecTech applications now incorporate ML. This enables software to crunch vast amounts of data to identify patterns. Part of this also includes being able to take discrete data sets from different applications and bring them together to unlock meaning through statistical analysis, or analytics.

Caspian is on the leading edge of this new wave of applications, bringing the benefits of advanced business intelligence to the recruitment industry. The Caspian platform is able to collapse information from all of the applications that your agency uses into a single data lake, which it then analyses to create a data warehouse that orders and structures the information. This makes it usable for agency analysis. In short, the advent of Caspian means there is so much more that recruitment businesses can achieve with data.

Unlock the power of your recruitment data with Caspian from ETZ

The benefits of the advanced reporting and analytics that this makes available to you reach far beyond simply extracting intelligence from across your agency operations.


Choosing the right RecTech doesn’t need to be taxing. ETZ is the RecTech partner of choice, helping agencies obtain excellent value from technology. To find out more about unleashing the potential of your agency data with Caspian, call us on 0800 311 2266 or book a demo.

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