15th August 2018

4 technologies that are transforming the recruitment process


The recruitment industry has changed dramatically over the past decade, thanks mainly to the digital revolution. Recruitment agencies have transitioned away from paper-based processes to online management – and now a new batch of technologies are pushing this transformation even further.
But which pieces of next-generation tech should your agency be keeping an eye on, to make finding and managing skilled contract workers even easier? Let’s take a look at four cutting-edge pieces of software that are destined to save you time, money and resources…

1. Talent Analytics

As a recruitment agency, your role starts before the candidate search begins. You work closely with companies to identify what skills they need to grow their business, and then suggest suitable roles that will strengthen those areas.
This process is bespoke to each organisation, and therefore can take a lot of time and effort. However, new talent analytics technologies are emerging that can make this process quicker.
Talent analytics software works using data on the strengths of your client’s current employees, along with information on their company goals, to automatically recommend what additional skills are required to help your clients meet their targets.
The great thing about talent analytics tools is that they evolve with your clients’ business, so that you can make further recommendations as new contractors settle in and add value.

2. Applicant tracking software

Once you’ve helped clients to identify where their workforce needs strengthening, the next job is to find the right talent to fill the opportunity – and this can be an intensive process. However, Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) takes the workload out of finding relevant contractors.
ATS automatically analyses all the CVs in your database using Artificial Intelligence (AI), shortlisting candidates whose past experience and skillset is relevant to the role you are recruiting for.
You can then filter through this shortlist and contact potential contractors who you feel will be most appropriate. This saves hours of manual searching and ‘dead end’ phone calls to people who are either not available or not appropriate for the role.

3. Candidate chatbots

On the subject of saving time, even when you’re well into the search process, next-generation technologies can be used to speed things along.
Candidate chatbots are a great example of how you can automate the contractor qualification process, so your staff don’t have to physically speak to every person that might be right for the role.
Using AI, chatbots can start automated online conversations with the contractors on your shortlist, to double check with them whether they fit the job specification and are interested in being put forward for the role.
Any people that don’t meet the criteria can be removed at the beginning of the recruitment process, so your efforts are focused on pairing the best-fit personnel with the positions available.

4. Back-office software

It’s not just the candidate recruitment process where technology is changing the game; back-office software is also making a huge difference to recruitment agencies.
Too much time is being wasted on administration at present, with essential tasks such as managing timesheets and expense claims, sending invoices and chasing payments taking up hours each week.
Recruitment back-office software can automate these jobs to lighten the load for your personnel, leaving them free to focus on the needs of their clients. We should know – as a recruitment software specialist, ETZ has helped leading agencies cut the cost of back-office management by up to 85%.
Discover ETZ’s cutting-edge recruitment back-office software and see how it can transform your business operations.

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