20th January 2023

Talent shortages: Time for recruiters to lobby for more action by governments and policy makers


A common problem for many developed economies globally

Across the Anglosphere, including the US, Australia and Canada, as well as the UK, recruiters are experiencing talent shortages in various regions and industries.

Similarly, in non-English speaking developed economies such as Germany, Japan, and South Korea, government statistics show shortages of skills and expertise in various fields such as construction, healthcare, and technology, where there is a high demand for skilled labour.

Migrant workers are widely seen as being able to help address some of the chronic problems of developed economies around the world. These include issues such as: 

Some countries have implemented policies to attract immigrants to address these shortfalls in talent. However, on its own, the objective of attracting large numbers of migrant workers to boost the pool of talent available to recruiters creates more problems, unless governments make effective policies and follow through on them. 

Yes! There is a need to drive prosperity through productivity and economic growth by filling vacancies. However, there is also a need to balance this against the negative social impacts of migration that have destabilising effects.

The negative impacts of mass migration 

The problems of mass migration are manifold. Migration can have a significant social impact on indigenous or established communities. An influx of immigrants often leads to changes in the cultural makeup and demographic balance of a community and creates problems, including:

For evidence of the destabilising effect of uncontrolled mass migration, we need only consider the UK’s infamous Brexit. This was the political process that saw the UK leave the European Union, partly in response to the issues thrown up by the free movement of EU citizens across open borders into the UK.

Recruiters! Time to influence government policy 

To avoid problems like those experienced in the UK, countries implementing strategies to attract more overseas workers need to ensure that migrants can contribute to the economy and society, while also addressing any negative impacts that migration may have.

Recruitment leaders have a strong voice on economic matters and should exert their influence to lobby governments for appropriate and coherent policy-making, that addresses the many strands of interwoven complexity:

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