11th April 2018

Seamless and secure integration delivers recruitment firms great benefits from the API economy


Focus on API integration

Application programming interface (API) integration is widely used to interconnect cloud applications. ProgrammableWeb is the world’s leading source of news and information about internet-based APIs. It is essentially the web’s go-to journal for monitoring the development of the mighty API!
Since it was founded in 2005, ProgrammableWeb has charted the daily evolution of all things API while amassing the internet’s most relied-on directory for search and discovery of APIs for use in web and mobile applications.
ProgrammableWeb is also the most widely-cited source of data when it comes to API-related statistics in the mainstream media, conferences, whitepapers, and other forms of research.
Over the first 6 years up to 2012, the number of APIs in the directory grew to around 4,500. The last 6 years have seen the use of this technique mushroom, with numbers swelling to some 20,000.

The growth of the API economy

API-based business activity has created its own economy – the API economy. The basis for the API economy is simply the exchange of value between providers and consumers through APIs.
Here’s an easy example. Google provides Google Maps, which any company can plug into its applications without having to build its own mapping system. Such an exchange of value is what makes the economy.
Throughout 2018, the proliferation and increasing use of APIs is expected to generate revenues of $2.2 trillion. It’s a big part of some of the internet’s biggest businesses. In 2016 Salesforce.com generated 50% of its revenue; Expedia generated $9bn; and Google had 5bn transactions per day, all through automated API interactions.

Expand capability and increase value through the API economy

ETZ API integration adds capability and creates value for our clients. ETZ provides standard integrations with popular web application platforms that are used across the recruitment sector. Companies like these are Add-On Partners. Key partners include yu:talent CRM, JobAdder and Xero accounting.
Up-to-date application platforms with APIs from third-parties that are not partners may also be connected to create a bespoke integration for an individual client project. Many recruitment businesses have favoured technology from which need to continue to obtain value. In both standard and bespoke API integration scenarios, ETZ acts as a hub technology. This allows different applications to be linked and specialised ETZ capability to be seamlessly interwoven to create a solution that meets the recruitment agency’s specific needs.

Adding capability and value with JobAdder

JobAdder is a dedicated recruitment app focused on enabling recruiters to ‘ditch the desk’. With JobAdder the emphasis is on mobile with a capital ‘M’.
JobAdder’s range of mobile recruiting apps, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5 (any device) enables recruitment on-the-go from anywhere. A full range of capabilities includes jobs and order management, sourcing, managing and tracking candidates, and job advertising with social media integration.
In numbers, JobAdder is pretty impressive; used by 2000+ companies with 10,000 recruiters across 45 countries and has generated $1bn in placement fees.

Adding capability and value with yu:talent

yu:talent is a recruitment tool that also enables mobile working, letting recruiters work from anywhere with ease. Key functionality includes recording contractor placement and sending details to ETZ in a single click, and creating new contact, client and candidate records seamlessly in ETZ.

Adding capability and value with Xero

Xero is online accounting software designed specifically for smaller businesses. Xero transforms accounting by using automation to decrease the need for manual processes.
Push accounts data from ETZ into Xero with the click of a button, automate the import of bank transactions and categorise movements in and out so you can monitor cash flow in real-time. It also enables team working and collaboration on financials, if it’s appropriate for the business.

Get a seamless recruitment work flow from end-to-end with ETZ

You can think of JobAdder and yu:talent as front-of-house and ETZ and Xero as back office. ETZ is a hub which joins up existing technologies to enable a seamless recruitment work flow from end-to-end.
Whichever Add-On Partners you select, with complete solutions that seamlessly integrate ETZ capability, recruitment businesses automate processing, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks to reduce back office costs by up to 85%.
To find out more about how we can help your recruitment agency increase efficiency, just get in touch.

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