23rd August 2019

Flexible Working: the key to the best talent

the key to the best talent Recruitment

With schools starting up again this September, and the to-do lists rapidly expanding, flexible working options have never been more important. Not only does it ease the complications of juggling one’s home and work lives, it is also a proven health benefit. A study by Unum demonstrates that 42% of employees diagnosed with cancer found that they were able to continue contributing to their job under flexible working circumstances. They also state that this is the most effective way their employers can offer support through their treatment.
Furthermore, this is also the case for supporting mental health; 40% of people under the age of 45 state that flexible working options have markedly improved their mental health. These options give working parents the time to raise their children, and others the chance to maintain a healthy work/play lifestyle. This has effects on the workforce, with the majority of employers suggesting that their employees are happier, more efficient workers under the flexible working option. Having been aware of the positive effects to communities and workplaces as a whole, Conservative MP Helen Whateley introduced a bill to make flexible working a default option for all workers, earlier this year.
However, enabling flexible working for all employees is not yet a priority for many companies. According to Salesforce, whilst 40% of UK workers say their employers do offer flexible working, only 20% of staff are provided with the technology to support it. This means that employers are ticking the boxes that suggest they promote a productive and happy workplace, yet are not consistently enabling it. Perhaps this is due to a lack of knowledge. In order to successfully promote flexible working, there has to be a conscious effort from employers to enable it, with tools such as the technology required to perform quotidian tasks away from the desk, made available.
Not only is the technology needed to enable flexible working, but it’s also needed to enable flexible payments. With advanced and innovative payments technology, gone are the days of administrators being buried in invoices and timesheets that are prone to being filled in incorrectly and filed late. ETZ payments offer technology that allows frictionless payments for those who are working in a freelance or flexible manner.
At ETZ, we believe that employers should strive to make flexible working an option for all employees. This is a great way of attracting and retaining the best talent available. As the media circulates the health benefits of flexible working, it is vital that employers stay up to date with the trend. With employment rates at an all-time high in early 2019, workers may have more options available to them during their job search. Therefore, it is crucial that employers do not fall behind, and offer the best deals of their competitors concerning benefits in the workplace. Surely an easy one to execute, flexible working options will ensure that your workforce stay happy and productive. To do this successfully, it is vital that employers make sure that they have the technology in place that allows workers to work in this malleable manner. Not only will it benefit the company overall, it will cultivate a positive atmosphere in the workplace, promoting the mental and physical wellbeing of all employees.
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