19th September 2018

6 reasons that job-hoppers are good for your business


In the continuously moving employment market, it can be hard to get to grips with managing the needs of contract and temporary workers. However, this isn’t a reason to shy away from working with them.
The industry is shifting towards a short-term placement model, as the number of people that frequently change roles has increased by 22% in four years. The benefit to employees is clear – job-hopping brings fresh challenges, new opportunities to learn, and often a change to scale the career ladder quicker – but there are also benefits for recruiters.
With the right administrative support in place, job-hopping workers can be a great investment for your recruitment agency – and your clients. And here are a few reasons why…

1. They offer a wide variety of experience

Temporary and fixed-term contract workers have learned many valuable lessons from the companies they have worked for previously, and they can bring those professional and cultural learnings to your clients’ businesses.
From your point of view, these job-hoppers have a broader skillset to draw from when you’re looking for candidates with certain strengths – and many have worked across different sectors, if you need someone with niche expertise. The trick is to format their CV so that it brings these skills to the fore, in order to catch your clients’ eyes.

2. They get stuck in quickly

Job-hoppers tend to have a self-starter mentality, as they are used to rolling up their sleeves and adapting to life at a new organisation. This means they can hit the ground running, which is great for your clients, particularly if you’re trying to fill a temporary position.
Another benefit of regular job-changers is that candidates are confident at presenting themselves to new people, which often means they need less coaching ahead of an interview. Your job is to make sure they understand the USPs of the company and the role, and give them the materials they need to go in fully prepared.

3. They bring fresh ideas and approaches

Fixed-term contract workers add value quickly to an organisation, because they can see challenges and opportunities from a new perspective. Not only that, they have a broad range of career experiences to draw from, and they will often reference scenarios from previous roles to help your clients solve a problem.
This is a really strong point for your recruitment agency to highlight to clients when promoting the benefits of using contract workers. It also means you can put forward left-field candidates for roles, as they may be able to offer a new point of view to a company.

4. They re-energise long-term employees

A change is as good as a rest, and new blood in your clients’ businesses can inspire their existing workers to work harder and think smarter. This means everybody – no matter how long their tenure will be – is working at maximum ability.
Not only that, dealing with job-hoppers looking for short-term positions means your books are always refreshing. And when a contractor finishes a role at one company, they have accrued yet more valuable skills, which will help you place them with another organisation.

5. They have a lot of connections

It’s not just skills that job-hoppers collect when they move from place to place; they also meet new people, forging connections that can prove valuable down the line. For your clients, that means they are buying into a new network of suppliers and resources when they hire a fixed-term or contract worker for their business.
From your perspective, this means your agency is exposed to a wider network of potential candidates. If an employee has a great experience with you and is able to secure a contract quickly, they will tell their connections – resulting in new candidate referrals to your business.

6. They move on when their work is done

One of the biggest challenges companies face is being stuck with ‘dead wood’ workers, who are comfortable in their role, but add little value. Far from signalling lack of commitment, job-hoppers like to give their all to a position, then move on when they have nothing left to add.
This approach has clear benefits for your clients, as they get the best of what each contractor has to offer, and the relationship will naturally conclude when that value has been exchanged. And this is great news for your agency, too, as the candidate will return to you in search of their next big opportunity, giving you a larger talent pool to draw from.

Make it easy to manage fixed-term contractors

To take the hard work out of hiring fixed-term and contract employees, companies will often enlist recruitment agencies to trawl the temporary talent pool on their behalf. In order to maximise this opportunity, your agency needs to minimise the admin demands that are often associated with contractors – from processing their timesheets and expense claims, to invoicing clients and chasing payments.
ETZ can help your recruitment agency manage your back-office operations more efficiently, to cut the cost of running your business by up to 85%. Our software automates many of the admin tasks that dominate your schedule, leaving you free to focus on attracting new candidates, and pairing them with the right employment opportunity.
Schedule a demo to see how ETZ can help you cut the time and cost of processing fixed-term and temporary staff paperwork.

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