14th June 2021

The Future of Recruitment

White Paper

The irresistible march of RecTech

Many business sectors have evolved a culture around technology. But few have been christened with labels to reflect the increased prominence and influence tech has on that industry. In B2B, FinTech is perhaps the best known one. The somewhat technical nature of modern banking means that many in the financial services fraternity are technical.

However, recruitment is very much a ‘people person’s’ business and recruiters are less technical. Some recruiters faced with ‘RecTech’ may not be up to speed. This is especially true, given the pace of technological change.

It is easy to fall behind as technology quickly moves on, gets more complex and more acronyms enter the language. The operating environment, legislation and regulation are all in continual motion and may force us to alter how we do things. the disruptive forces unleashed by Covid, which has accelerated the uptake of technology by between 4-7 years, according to McKinsey.

We have now entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Machines in the form of software, or software powered robotic devices, perform the things humans are bad at, make errors in, or which are repetitive, time consuming and tedious. This frees recruiters to do the things they are good at, or enjoy and take more satisfaction from, and ultimately, to add more value to the services recruitment agencies provide for clients.

Love it or hate it, RecTech is going to move on and the industry is going to get dragged along with it. But what impacts is this going to bring for the recruitment industry?

Get a heads up with the new white paper: The Future of Recruitment

Some of the answers are to be found in our new white paper, The Future of Recruitment. This discusses some of the most probable developments during the next few years, based on where current trends seem most likely to be headed.

We discuss the topics grouped according to four key areas where they are likely to exert an influence:

Understand more about where RecTech is heading with ETZ

As a leader in RecTech, ETZ is well positioned to innovate independently, or to develop our back office platform in step with external factors. One of the most important influences on the decisions we take to improve our platform is to listen to the needs of our customers.

One of the reasons we have evolved to occupy our current RecTech leadership role is that we have responded to the input and comments from recruiters so that our platform provides the timesheet, invoicing and integration with 3rd party apps that truly help to streamline the recruitment back office.

To find out more about the ways that RecTech is probably going to impact the recruitment industry, simply download The Future of Recruitment today, or book a demo.

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