27th June 2018

New ETZ guide: 6 opportunities your start-up recruitment agency can’t afford to ignore

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Hard work and good advice!

Starting a recruitment business is going to be hard work, but nobody sets up a new venture because they want an easy life (we hope!). And there is no shortage of advice from industry bodies and thought leaders for start-ups on the basics of getting it right.
Advice can be of variable quality. A lot of online content aimed at business is hackneyed and re-hashed, taken from other sources and regurgitated for the purposes of being found on Google.
This means there’s a lot of online sources of info about the basics of setting up a recruitment business. Much of it may be sound, but just how many blogs can your read about the rudiments of setting up a recruitment business?
Beyond the essentials of getting the cornerstones in place ready to open up for business, there’s a lot more to think about. Modern business is complex. For owners and partners in new recruitment agency ventures, there’s a lot to get your head around.

Market differentiation, added-value and profitability

Our new guide, ‘6 opportunities your start-up recruitment agency can’t afford to ignore’, discusses some opportunities which may not be so obvious and that offer the chance for a new agency to create differentiation and market traction.
The guide outlines:

Quite simply, the guide enables owners and partners in recruitment start-ups to better understand some ways in which your new venture can really stand out from your competitors.

Start-ups get competitive advantage with ETZ

ETZ software joins up the dots of the recruitment back office. Our solutions deliver outstanding efficiency, squashing back office processing costs by 85%.
This is just the kind of competitive advantage that new recruitment agencies need if they are to be disruptors and gain market share from established recruitment businesses that may have become complacent.
If you’re considering setting up a new recruitment venture, why not contact us for an informal and confidential chat?
You can also find out more about how we help maximise efficiency and improve profitability, by signing up for our demo.
Click here to download the free ETZ guide ‘6 opportunities your start-up recruitment agency can’t afford to ignore’.

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