13th December 2021

Does your agency ‘get the thing’ about data?

Recruitment Data

We don’t really use data that much, do we?

Have you ever thought seriously about the influence of data on our day-to-day lives? So many of the things we take for granted are actually the result of data being captured somewhere, processed and analysed.

Take the weather for example. The daily forecast we catch on breakfast TV or that’s piped through our smartphones is the output of a massive data collection and analysis process. But it’s not just about the data itself, the important thing here is that we use weather reports to make decisions.

We look at what the daily weather is doing and likely decide what coat and footwear is most appropriate for that day. More than that, a longer range forecast might help us determine what we might do with our weekend. Go to the beach and catch some rays, or do something undercover because of a storm.

Then there’s real-time transport data, such as satnav traffic information, and bus and train service updates, all feeding into the decisions we make about how we might execute any travel plans. Then what about data on happening shows on Netflix, trending searches on Google and popular content on YouTube, all shaping our decisions? Even if you don’t think you use data that much, perhaps you get more of the picture now!

Beyond headline figures and KPIs

This begs a question for every recruitment business – are you maximising the use of data in your agency to help you make informed decisions?

Sure, all agency principals and recruitment business owners look at the headline figures. The daily sales book, billable hours and consultant commission might all be typical of the numbers that are regularly watched. However, there’s so much more to data than these key performance indicators (KPIs).

Technology is deeply embedded within agency businesses and it is all generating copious amounts of data. From ATS, CRM and job boards, through to website, accounting and timesheet data, your agency’s technology stack is steadily accumulating information. However, not every agency is maximising the value of its data.

This is one of the reasons why the founders of ETZ developed Caspian. Caspian is the recruitment business intelligence tool that lets agencies centralise data from every application in the technology stack.

Sure, you can probably export data as CSV files from many apps, and spend time and effort trying to manipulate the information. The wonders of XML data sources and pivot tables may be brain food for some, but for many they are a frustrating waste of time.

In a nutshell, Caspian lets you analyse data and create a single report that you wouldn’t normally be able to without the need for complex data manipulation effort and expertise.

Besides the ability to extract business intelligence from your data, Caspian provides wider benefits:

Get ‘the thing’ about data with ETZ and Caspian

Caspian centralises your ETZ data as well as all the information from the other applications in your technology stack. Get the ability to analyse how your business is performing, identify trends and understand where to make improvements, with Caspian.

ETZ is the leading timesheet, invoicing and payment solution. To find out more about how we simplify the complexity of RecTech for agencies like yours, call us on 0800 311 2266 or book a demo.





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