26th April 2018

Think about it… Making the right technology decisions in your recruitment business


Leverage tech efficiently without wasting money

Recent years have seen the cloud software business model sweep away much of the old way of using on-premise systems to run a business. The business technology market continues to evolve. The growth in cloud applications continues as increasing numbers of specialist Line-of-Business (LoB) applications tailored to the needs of a specific niche or vertical come to market or expand.
Making the right technology decisions are critical if you are to leverage tech efficiently without wasting money. When reviewing the use of software there are three likely scenarios to think about.

1. Replacing existing technology

In some instances, we might consider completely replacing existing technology with new applications. This is particularly appropriate if older, legacy applications are still in use. Legacy apps are often on-premise, that is installed to servers or computers on your company site.
The cost overheads associated with this approach in terms of hardware, software, IT resource and energy consumption are substantial. Wherever possible, consider replacing on-premise applications with cloud alternatives.

2. Custom development Vs. Ready-made Line-of-Business application

Historically, the cost of custom developed software was very expensive. After all, when you go to Savile Row or a dressmaker and have a made-to-measure outfit made, it’s going to cost you dear! The advent of software development kits (SDKs) or development platforms made building custom software easier, faster and cheaper.
A good example of this is something like Microsoft Dynamics which is widely used to create custom CRM and ERP applications for businesses. When you review technology, you might consider commissioning an application built to order to meet the specific needs of your business.
As an alternative, consider researching the cloud business applications market to identify what recruitment software is being used by whom and for what purposes. The market is buoyant and there are dozens of applications out there. Picking a ready-made LoB application has many advantages over a custom development project.
A LoB app will be ready to go straight away, it will have been debugged and there is likely to be a highly developed onboarding process and supporting tutorial materials. It is also likely to have been refined by the development team behind it as feedback is received across the existing user base.

3. Keeping your favoured or essential existing applications

If you already have favoured or essential existing applications that you don’t want to replace, but that don’t offer all the functionality you need, consider finding an application or a platform that can fill the gap by providing the extra capability you need and act as a hub technology.
Such an approach allows your existing systems to remain in place and allows them to be integrated to exchange data. So, accounting and payroll could be linked with the other specialist recruitment back office functions that you require. A business process can be defined, and a digital workflow established to unleash efficiency and maximise profitability.

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