14th July 2020

5 Sales Software Tools that Give Recruitment Agencies the Edge


Post-COVID-19, it’s suggested 3 million+ unemployed may be chasing fewer jobs. In what’s likely to be the most competitive job market for decades, how can recruiters achieve standout with their sales process?

Join up sales to standout and prevent lost opportunities

There is little doubt that the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be challenging. For recruiters, it looks likely to be something of a tricky maths problem worthy of Einstein…
In a nutshell, agencies are faced with placing massively increased numbers of jobseekers into fewer job vacancies. There are going to be a lot of agencies chasing employers to fill the reduced number of available vacancies.
As ever, one of the keys to succeeding in a highly competitive and noisy marketplace is differentiating your agency. But how do you achieve standout over and above your competitors?
One way of elevating your recruitment business is to polish your sales process. Creating a silky smooth way of engaging with prospective clients and making it easy to do business is a good way to standout.
Tech tools are ideal for making your sales engagement process joined up and time-efficient. Enabling self-service offers a path of least resistance, and a greater degree of personalisation. Ultimately, this contributes to creating a memorable customer experience.
Here we take a look at 5 tools that can help you create a slicker, more joined up sales process, which impresses new business prospects and helps prevent them falling through the gaps.

1. Stop back-and-forth meeting request emails with Calendly

Once you have engaged with a prospect you will likely need to set up an appointment to voice call or video conference. For obvious reasons, the option of actually meeting F2F in-person is somewhat less appealing post COVID-19!
Setting up a mutually convenient time can mean whizzing emails back and forth. It can get messy and cause delays. It might even lead to a missed opportunity if a competitor sneaks in ahead of you.
Calendly lets your prospects choose from your available slots using a self-service system. As a first time, every time appointment booking system, it provides a frictionless experience for your new business prospects. Check out some of the performance boosts Calendly users have seen at calendly.com.

2. Stand out in the inbox with Vidyard

With COVID-19 shaping almost everything we do, video technologies have really come of age as we work from home and try to maintain strong business relationships using digital video tools.
Vidyard provides a more compelling dimension to the sales process by letting recruiters send personalised video messages using Outlook and Gmail.
Embed calls to action, such as links for booking meetings and add passwords to protect videos  containing sensitive information. A tool like Vidyard could really help your sales process to stand out in the Inbox!

3. Streamline closing deals with Proposify

Once the hard work of negotiating deals is done, you need to turn verbal agreements into documentation (either digital or hard copy for old schoolers).
Using software such as Proposify, lets recruiters create proposals, send, track and close deals with e-signatures.
Proposify really lets your sales function standout. It provides a tightly managed solution for controlling proposal content and getting binding digitally signed agreements in place faster.

4. Personalise email outreach with lemlist

Even with personalised names, email marketing can be a cold, blunt tool for driving engagement. A new generation email marketing tool, such as lemlist, uses a range of high level functionality to take email personalisation to the next level.
Using personalised images and logos, links to dynamic landing pages, and random, text personalisation, lemlist helps your email marketing campaigning standout above the crowd.

5. Manage everything in one place with HubSpot CRM

In recent years, inbound marketing platform, HubSpot, has branched out to diversify its offer. HubSpot CRM puts customer data and tracking your interactions with prospects in the cloud and is highly recommended. Then add power to your sales team with the Sales Hub module.
Use it to track everything. With a good CRM you’ll never miss out on understanding the full extent of your engagement and what you know about any prospect in your database. Anytime you want to communicate with them, you can leverage your CRM to try to standout.

Sharpen your recruitment sales process with ETZ

Even if you don’t sign up to the apps we mention here, hopefully, you’ll discover other tools to help your sales process standout. In the not too distant future, we’ll be launching ETZ CRM, so watch this space!
In the meantime, make sure you are all set to cope with all the new business you’ll win by having ETZ at the heart of your back office. To get started, simply call us on 0800 311 2266 or book a demo.

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