29th November 2021

Job ads: Include salary Vs. Don’t include salary


Shush! Don’t talk about pay… YES! Let’s talk about pay

A few weeks ago we blogged about the steps that agencies should take to help maximise applications. Post-Covid, as companies and economies try to recover lost ground a number of factors had collided to make the recruiting environment very competitive with certain skills being in high demand.

To attract more talent and maximise the number of candidates applying, it is important to ‘optimise’ job ads by making role and person specs concise, including benefits and offering competitive rates of pay.

There is much debate about whether advertising the salary is a good or bad thing. Many believe that including pay figures in job ads has detrimental effects:

Some key reasons to include salary in job ads

While these may seem like good reasons, there are many more factors that suggest it is more advantageous to disclose salaries being offered in job ads:

Putting the right recruitment back office technology in place with ETZ

Levelling up inequality is not just a catchphrase or a politicised notion to which companies can latch on to and just pay lip service. Fairness is one of the most important attributes of a progressive society and thriving economy. The same is true for technology and using data, because they allow companies to be competitive and flourish.

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