24th July 2023

ETZ Comply: Simplify recruitment compliance with employment law


The importance of recruitment compliance frameworks

For many agencies, the subject of recruitment compliance may bring on that sinking feeling. However, whether we like it or not, it is a hot topic and employment businesses ignore the issues associated with recruitment agency compliance at their peril.

There are important reasons why governments implement compliance frameworks for the employment sector. This includes high level objectives such as preventing exploitation by safeguarding workers rights, and assuring equality by preventing bias on the grounds of gender, race or disability.

Preventing fraudulent activities, supporting workplace safety and protecting confidential information are also essential considerations that regulatory frameworks are designed to address.

These aims are supported by accurately managing documentation, such as:

Maintaining such documentation is essential for recruitment compliance. Importantly, it needs to be accurate, up to date and auditable to provide proof of recruitment agency compliance to regulators.

For example, certification is vital for workers operating machinery or heavy vehicles, as it ensures competence and compliance with regulations. This protects workers’ well-being by reducing the potential for accidents. This prevents consequential losses such as damage to equipment, plant or machinery, minimises environmental impact, and costs for legal action or fines that may result from equipment misuse and injury to co-workers or third parties.

Accurate background checks are crucial for various reasons. They provide confidence in hiring decisions, help to verify candidate qualifications, ensure workplace safety, and minimise the risks of employing inappropriate workers.

The burden of recruitment compliance

This places a high burden on recruitment agencies to collect, maintain and securely store documentation relating to each candidate.

Maintaining recruitment agency compliance documentation through a manual process burdens recruitment agencies due to inefficiencies and challenges. It consumes significant time and resources, increases the risk of errors, lacks centralised storage and accessibility, hampers tracking and reporting, impedes scalability, and makes it difficult to stay updated with evolving regulations, leading to compliance gaps and potential legal consequences.

ETZ Comply: Simplify recruitment documentation management for better employment law compliance

ETZ Comply is a cloud-based software solution that helps to simplify recruitment agency compliance. The software provides a number of advantages that help agencies to manage their compliance documents, track their compliance status, and generate reports.

The key features of ETZ Comply include:

Ultimately, ETZ Comply provides candidate self-service. This means candidates are empowered through the ability to take responsibility for entering data, uploading document scans, and maintaining documentation. This eliminates administrative drag, ensuring employment processes are completed as quickly as possible. By alleviating agency back-office teams of this task and supporting recruitment agency compliance, it’s a win-win for candidates as well as agencies!

Better recruitment back-office efficiency with ETZ

ETZ Comply lets recruiters simplify recruitment compliance and reduce the risk of failing to comply with regulatory codes.

ETZ Comply is one of ETZ’s complementary solutions to our leading timesheet and invoicing solution. Using it alongside Caspian for extracting valuable business intelligence from recruitment agency data sharpens an agency’s competitive edge. To find out more call us on 0800 311 2266 or book a demo.

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