11th February 2022

Drowning in too much recruitment information? Make sense of it with Caspian


Swamped by a glut of data from recruitment technology

Data has assumed such a pivotal role in the world. We can measure practically anything and express all manner of qualities and attributes numerically. Using data we monitor, compare, and analyse; and visualise, predict and make decisions about so many different things.

From the temperatures and rainfall on a weather map, to the way the stock market is performing. How many likes your post gets on a social platform, to who wins the right to form a democratic government at an election. How well your kids are doing at school, to how much tax you pay… all these are examples of data.

The recruitment business it seems is wholly dependent on technology. It now permeates every area of business operations. All this technology, in the form of software applications, generates massive amounts of data. For some, it can seem like they are drowning in data!

Making sense of massive amounts of data

One way to make some sense and use data constructively is to connect applications to share data, something known as integration. However, the scope of any given integration is usually limited.

Application integration is usually quite specific, only exchanging certain pieces of data. This prevents a lot of your information from being properly analysed, preventing you from seeing much of the finer details.

More often than not, this means you have to perform a difficult, painstaking and time consuming manual process to extract meaning from data. And when it comes to actually analysing data, integration isn’t the be all and end all.

Leave no stone unturned in the quest to run your agency better

Data science has made huge leaps forward in recent years. Law enforcement agencies and the military have been developing and using advanced techniques and software to make sense of massive amounts of data for decades. The Big Data field of the IT industry has matured, the technology has filtered down and commercial products are now very affordable to businesses of all sizes.

ETZ built Caspian on the same principles. This creates a data lake from your data, and then it structures it into a data warehouse  This enables you to look much more deeply into all the data that is collected within your agency operations to extract intelligence.

The benefits of the advanced reporting and analytics that this makes available to you reach far beyond simply extracting intelligence from across your agency operations.


Run your agency better with Caspian from ETZ

Caspian extends the benefit for any agency working with ETZ. Our leading back office solution streamlines timesheets, invoicing and payments through software automation. The platform also acts as a hub, enabling integration with popular cloud business apps such as Xero, Quickbooks and JobAdder.

Choosing a the right RecTech doesn’t need to be taxing. ETZ is RecTech partner of choice, helping agencies obtain excellent value from technology. To find out more about unleashing the potential of your agency data with Caspian, call us on 0800 311 2266 or book a demo.





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