Bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to your payroll

Bring a new level of efficiency and accuracy to your payroll

With powerful integration capabilities and unbeatable support, our cloud-based payroll software is trusted by both employers and employees.

  1. Easy to use Modern, intuitive interface that is a joy to use.
  2. Deep functionality Payroll-specific features designed for the job.
  3. Saves time Automation saves time for other tasks.

Fully featured payroll software for UK recruitment agencies

Just because it’s easy-to-use, doesn’t mean it’s basic. Here’s some of the comprehensive functionality we’ve included in our fully featured payroll software solution.

ETZ Integration

Optimised for the recruitment industry through tight integration with ETZ Timesheets and ETZ Invoices.

Payroll Automation

Eliminate costs and time of routine tasks with our autopilot feature.

Powerful, Comprehensive API

Integrate and automate your payroll with our comprehensive API.

Umbrella Companies

Calculations, CSV imports and reporting features for Umbrella Companies.

CIS Supported

Full support for the CIS, including CIS300 and monthly statements.

Accounting Integration

Automatically post journals with pain-free accounting integration.

Coding Notices

Automatically change tax codes and stop & start student loans.

Painless Year End

End your tax year and start your new one in just a couple of clicks.

Scottish & Welsh Payroll

Includes support for Scottish and Welsh payroll tax codes and rates.

Pension Management

Manage multiple pensions schemes and arrangements.

Comprehensive Reports

Statutory reports such as P30, P32 & P11s, and lots of others too…

Customisable Payslips

Get PDF Payslips looking just how you want them with customisable CSS.

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HMRC-recognised cloud-based payroll software

Streamline your business-critical payroll processes, reduce your manual input, stay compliant, and improve your cash flow. With our automated time and payroll tools, it’s easier than ever to pay your workers and keep your recruitment payroll compliant.

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Complex payroll? Our payroll management system has you covered

We know that working with temporary workers can be a lot more complicated than permanent workers. No matter whether staff are temporary, full-time or part-time. Our payroll solution for recruitment agencies can handle weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payroll runs to varying payment types – simplifying and speeding up the payroll process for everyone.

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Streamline your payroll services with ETZ Payroll

Ensure your workers are paid on time, every time, without fail. Whatever the size of your temporary recruitment agency, ETZ will be able to help you save time and money by ensuring your everyday tasks are more accessible than ever, cutting down on unnecessary payroll admin and saving you time.

Want to know more about our recruitment agency payroll solution?

Want to know more about our recruitment agency payroll solution?

Just get in touch to speak with an expert and learn more about how our payroll management system helps businesses streamline the back office.

Take the time out of timesheets and pain out of payments

"Overall ETZ improves my ability to focus on our key business needs. The real value of working with ETZ can best be summed up as saving time, better efficiency, and improved accuracy."
Vishal Gandhi Intuition IT
“ETZ helps save a lot of admin time, and it enables me to focus on other responsibilities. The time saved allows more focus on tasks that help generate revenue. I couldn’t recommend ETZ highly enough.”
Jag Manku Venari
“ETZ demonstrated a perfect understanding of Ampersand’s needs. ETZ fully integrates with the systems that Ampersand already has in place without competing or conflicting. It proved competitive on price and was quick to set up.”
Leah Towers Ampersand

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Payroll Software FAQs

What is ETZ Payroll?
ETZ Payroll is a payroll management software designed for recruitment agencies across the UK, it’s available as part of ETZ’s recruitment tech stack.

What tasks can I automate in your recruitment agency payroll software?
Yes, you can automate your entire payroll using our comprehensive API.

Does your payroll system offer customisable payslips?
Yes, you can customise each payslip with customisable CSS.

Do you offer pension scheme management?
Yes, with ETZ you can manage multiple pensions schemes and arrangements.

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