12th December 2018

WATCH: ETZ CEO Nick Woodward talks recruitment tech on CNBC

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Over 400 delegates from around the world flocked to Dubai recently for the 7th Global Family Office Investment Summit, and ETZ CEO Nick Woodward was hand-picked by international broadcaster CNBC to discuss the conference live on-air.
In addition to giving his positive reaction to the event, Nick talked with presenter Carmelo Caggia about some of the ways in which ETZ is transforming the recruitment industry using innovative technology.
“The current process that most people use is very heavily paper-based,” Nick told Carmelo. “It’s labour intensive, takes forever and is a very expensive process…we lower the transaction cost and increase the frequency, so our candidates will be able to get paid daily – instead of weekly or monthly – by using technology to cut out the middle man.”
You can watch Nick’s interview in full by clicking on the thumbnail below:

Nick also revealed how impressed he was with Dubai during his visit to the Investment Summit, and his plans to set up an office and explore new business opportunities in the country in the near future. Watch this space!
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