H2R Consulting is one of New Zealand’s leading providers of high-quality recruitment services.

Established in 2004, H2R is a 100% Kiwi owned company with offices in Auckland and Wellington. The agency also operates an Australian arm, H2R Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne.

The business provides high quality knowledge workers for disciplines such as HR, Project Management, Sales, Marketing, ICT and Finance, and recruits across the range, from temps through to senior executives.

Career/Change and Psych Assessment expertise supports businesses and candidates in managing organisational and career development. As a result of the quality of its service delivery and ability to source the best candidates, H2R is a preferred supplier to some of New Zealand’s largest and most iconic organisations.

The Challenges

Since its formation in 2004, H2R had followed the mainstream industry practice of using a manual timesheet system to record the hours worked by the temps and contractors that it supplied. Paper timesheets required sign-off by hiring managers and then manual processing by back-office employees. Typically, this led to an invoice being generated to the hiring organisation and a payment to each candidate.

However, such a process is very time consuming. Timesheet data needs to be transcribed and keyed. It is labour intensive and prone to errors, causing delays and extra work that drive up processing costs. The handwriting on paper timesheets can be illegible, leading to mistakes in invoices, queries from hirers, and the need to issue credits and corrected invoices. In short, it is a paperchase that is inherently inefficient.

“ETZ provides H2R with an efficient and user-friendly solution for recording time, processing supplier payments, and invoicing clients. It is significantly faster and requires less resource than a manual system.”

H2R Consulting

The Solution

As the agency grew and timesheet numbers increased, H2R decided the best way forward was to do some market research and look for the right technology solution. They needed an electronic time sheeting system to automate, streamline and improve accuracy; an end-to-end solution that could handle timesheets, supplier and client invoices and that was able to integrate with payroll.

As a result of that market research, H2R decided to trial ETZ to see whether it would work for them. Besides the core function of generating invoices from timesheets they found it to be easy for their candidates and clients to use.

After comparing the costs with alternative software solutions and satisfying themselves that it was well supported, they decided that ETZ was the way forward.

The Results

Since 2014, ETZ has provided measurable results and demonstrated significant benefits for H2R in three key areas. Firstly, streamlined processes resulting in a reduction in the time required to process payroll and make payments to temps and contractors. Secondly, the time to perform client billing is reduced and the accuracy is vastly improved. Lastly, user satisfaction is clearly evidenced through very positive feedback about ease of use.

Indeed, all three user groups responded well once familiarised with the system. There are low barriers to uptake by back-office staff. Clients welcomed the seamless approval of timesheets, including the ability to approve timesheets from their mobile phones, and the accuracy of invoicing. Contractors and temps like it because it’s so easy to complete and submit timesheets for approval.

ETZ provides H2R with an efficient and user-friendly solution for recording time, processing supplier payments, and invoicing clients. It is significantly faster and requires less resource than a manual system.

ETZ has enabled H2R to react quickly to urgent changes in client requirements for contractors and temps as the country responds to the current Covid-19 pandemic – the cloud technology is reliable and easily flexes to accommodate these changes in demand.

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